Simplest & Easiest & Cheapest way, to get money from your e-shop. Receive crypto payments in your wallet.

Why choose us?

  • 1We are not bank. We are intermediaries between buyer and seller. With us you get low fees & real-time exchange rates.
  • 2Get your money from your website to your account instant, you just need an email address.
  • 3BTC2PAY supports GAP600 Instant Confirmations making Bitcoin payments faster than ever before.
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Shopping Cart Plugins

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How IT Works?

  • 1First, create a account in BTC2PAY system.
  • 2Create a Merchant, you need a website with e-shop.
  • 3Install a plugin into your e-shop website.
  • 4Configure a plugin, which you have installed.
  • 5And thats IT 5 steps, and now you can receive your crypto payments.

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